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NASA Spinoffs - Apollo Inventions

NASA Spinoffs - Inventions Benefiting Health - Apollo Spinoff Inventions

NASA Spinoffs - Inventions Benefiting Health

NASA Spinoffs - Inventions Benefiting Health
Every day, in a variety of ways, American lives are touched by space technology. Since 1976, about 1,400 documented NASA inventions have benefited U.S. industry, improved the quality of life and created jobs for Americans. The Apollo program has helped change the way of life in America, especially in health care. Here are some of the inventions contributed by the Apollo program.

Top Left: Kidney dialysis machines were developed as a result of a NASA developed chemical process that could remove toxic waste from used dialysis fluid.

Top Right: As a medical CAT scanner searches the human body for tumors or other abnormalities, the industrial version, or advanced computed tomography inspection system, finds imperfections in aerospace structures and components, such as castings, rocket motors and nozzles.

Bottom Left: A cardiovascular conditioner developed for astronauts in space led to the development of a physical therapy and athletic development machine used by football teams, sports clinics and medical rehabilitation centers.

Bottom Right: A hospital food service system employs a cook/chill concept for serving food.

The system allows staff to prepare food well in advance, maintain heat, visual appeal and nutritional value while reducing operating costs. 

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