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Hurricane Katrina Devastates Gulf Coast and New Orleans - Affects NASA as Well
On Monday, August 29, hurricane Katrina slammed into the gulf coast of the US, bringing death and destruction. Now, several days later, the full affects of Katrina are not yet known, and it appears it will be quite some time before they can be measured, much less remedied. It now seems clear that New Olreans and the other cities nearly wiped off the map will never be the same.

Are You a Space Nerd? - The New Cool of Being a Space Nerd
Nerds Rock. First, computer entrepreneurs became billionaires. It was a great day for geeks when the founder of Microsoft, a fellow geek, began making more money than the highest paid athletes. Many of these computer gurus became as well known as rock stars. Then, Napolean Dynamite hit the big screen and gave nerdiness a cool that not even the Revenge of the Nerds movies could.

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