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Top 4 Telescopes for Kids

Everyone has to start somewhere. Start your kids off right with quality telescopes at good prices. Check here for some great reflectors and refractors. Less expensive telescopes.

1) Kids' Talking Telescope

Foster scientific curiosity with the talking telescope. Its interactive slides offer views of 12 animals and eight sights from outer space. Insert a slide into the three-power viewer, and two interactive talking modes offer facts about the image displayed or quiz questions on the subject. You can also detach the three-power telescope section and take it outside, where a world of exciting exploration awaits. Four AA batteries, not included. 8''W x 8 1/2''D x 8''H. For ages 5 and up.

2) National Geographic Kids Convertible Microscope/Telescope

Give kids a close-up view of the world with our convertible microscope and telescope. A die-cast metal base supports a 20-power telescope that can be removed for handheld use and is great for viewing the moon and even distant terrestrial objects. With a quick switch the telescope becomes a microscope featuring a unique dual lighting system that illuminates from either above or below for magnified viewing of slide specimens or solid samples such as rocks and leaves.

3) National Geographic Children's Telescope

Unlike most child scopes, ours uses genuine glass optics in a solid metal case to provide the kind of adult-quality viewing experience that gets young people excited about scientific discovery. A 50-mm objective lens, a 360-mm focal length, and 4-mm and 20-mm eyepieces offer a magnification-power range of 18 to 180 power to give kids an exciting, close-up look at everything from wildlife to distant worlds.

4) Rocket Scope Kid's Telescope

Let your child put their imagination to use. The Infinity 76 children's telescope helps children take their imaginations to the stars. With a fun rocketship design and included stickers, the rocket scope is interactive fun right out of the box. The lightweight, easy-to-use design is perfect for chilren of any age. A durable plastice housing helps to protect the optical mirrors in the reflector telescope and an included carrying strap helps make the telescope easy for children to hold.

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