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A complete leveling Guide to Warcraft Professions

In the World of Warcraft (WoW), before you choose a warcraft professions leveling guide, you have to take into account several things like what kind of items you will be able to make and whether your class will have any use for them. Among various professions chosen by you, Engineering and Enchanting are most sought-after ones for every type of class. Blacksmithing is not considered a lucrative job if you aren't a Warrior or Paladin. However, Tailoring comes in handy for Mage or Priest.

Now, you may ask what makes engineering a good choice. The answer is, firstly, by choosing this profession you can assure yourself of best equipments, especially when you make it to the higher levels. It's not necessarily going to make you a fortune; on the other hand, it may probably cost you dearly in the short term. But it is worth trying since in exchange of a little money, you get all the awesome little gadgets that you'll soon be making so as to get you out of all sorts of problems.

And if you go in for a Paladin, Engineering comes in handy being the only method to get ranged attacks. So, if you have planned on doing these things, also take into account mining since you'll be needing ore desperately. Though Enchanting may also be a good option, due to it being rather difficult, many do not opt for it and leave it for the higher levels of the game.

When it comes to Tailoring, it is often believed to be the easiest professions by many players. Tailoring is all about making cloth armor and bags, which enables you to make stuff right from the scratch that you will be using on up into the higher levels. After tailoring, comes Leatherworking which is also thought to be easy.

In case, you are in one of the classes, that makes you wear leather such as a Hunter or Druid then this is a good choice. However, some classes will move on to mail armor as they rise through the levels, the actual value use of leatherwork decreased for them. A good choice to go with this would be Skinning.

Alchemy is another profession you can go for. In this profession, there are a lot of herbs which you may need to make potions. With preparing potions, you should also consider Herbalism. These potions can prove to be very beneficial for health and mana while fighting. In order to store these herbs, create an alt storage character and then farm (or have an alt farm) for the herbs needed. It would be interesting to note here that you should not forget to send some gold to the storage character, so she can send the herbs back.

Use the in game mail system to send the herbs to the storage character. These classes are prone to running low on those things?like Mages and Healers?should consider Alchemy. Apart from all the primary warcraft professions, there are several secondary professions, too which this leveling guide will help you a lot. Although these secondary professions don't count against your limit of two professions, the importance of each profession in relation to your class should be taken into account, albeit there is nothing to stop you from learning them at all.

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