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Why Arent You Using A Hammock When Camping

Hammocks are starting to become staples in camping gear and have become more popular over the years. Several campers have opted to set up a hammock instead of the usual tent and tarp, attesting to its packing convenience and ease of use. However, there are some who remain conventional over the methods of camping that relegate the use of a hammock as nothing more than a novelty or a fad. But for its legions of fans, a hammock surely beats having to sleep on the ground.

The advantages linked to using hammocks are vast. Here are some of the reasons more and more happy campers are becoming happier campers with the use of hammocks. 1. Comfort A hammock promises that you will not sleep on the ground. Sure, you can carry around an air mattress but it will only add weight to your already full load. If you have a bad shoulder, back or hip, sleeping on the ground might not be the best option for you.

Your body will thank you more if you opt for a hammock, instead. 2. Less movement If you sleep in a hammock, you are not likely to toss and turn while you sleep because it protects you snugly while at slumber. Once you find your most comfortable position in a hammock, chances are you will assume this post until you wake up and feel more refreshed, as opposed to sleeping on the ground.

A hammock that is properly set up has positive orthopedic benefits. 3. More site alternatives It's difficult to set up a tent on a very rocky surface, so most campers have to look for plane ground first before they set up camp. However, hammock users may settle anywhere, as long there is something they can attach the hammock to.

You can even camp anywhere even if the ground is damp and won't have to waste time and energy looking for a perfect and dry spot to rest. 4. Goodbye critters and ground nuisances You will no longer have to worry about bugs, poison ivy, thorns and other animals that crawl into your sleeping bag at night if you use a hammock. Also, you won't leave traces of your presence in a particular site like the ones that are left by tarps and tents. 5. Easy set up and multiple use It only takes about two minutes to set up a hammock.

Also, aside from being a good resting place, it can be a good recreational tool, like a swing or nice chair. It sure beats having to sit on rocks, right? Hammocks, therefore, a great device to bring when you're going camping. It's less bulky and affords you greater comfort. So don't listen to those camping purists when they tell you hammocks are just gimmicks.

Instead, listen to what your body needs -- and that is a comfortable resting place when you need respite from hours of hiking.

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