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The Importance of Ballroom Dancing Shoes

Ballroom dancing is a wonderful and elegant activity that many people partake in. One of the most important components is the footwear of the dancers. More specifically, a correctly fitting set of shoes is crucial to a ballroom dancer. First of all, purchasing a pair of shoes solely because you like the way they look can be extremely detrimental. This can be predicated by dancing in a shoe that is not an accurate fit for your foot, consequently effecting dance moves.

The most important thing a dancer should take into account is the fit of the shoe; the better the fit of the shoe, the better the ability to maximize posture and balance. When fitting into a shoe, there should be no gaps in the heel of the shoe, enough room in the front of the shoe so your foot just comes shy of the front of the shoe, and absolutely no room for foot movement inside your shoe. In the short-term, correctly fitting shoes are to be purchased for comfort, but these shoes also benefit a dancer throughout the big picture. Dancing shoes are designed to give the individual proper arch support in certain areas. If a shoe does not fit correctly, the arch support could potentially be in an incorrect location. This can be very uncomfortable, and perhaps damaging to a foot.

When shopping for a shoe, you must take into account that the widest part of your foot is the focal point. When a shoe fits this portion of your foot, there is the minimal amount of wiggle room allowed, providing a more accurate fit. Maintenance of your dancing shoes is a staple when accounting for the longevity of the shoes.

After using dancing shoes, it is important to air them out between uses. It is recommended to purchase a shoe brush made specifically to brush the bottom of your suede sole shoes. The shoe brush will keep the suede free from dirt and will therefore give good traction on the dancing floor. Also, the top priority in purchasing ballroom dancing shoes is your foot.

It is a good idea to purchase a shoe that can accommodate an insert for your foot. Inserts will allow the least amount of stress on your foot and release stress that many people encounter on the ball of their feet. Over time, your feet change and will not fit the shoe as perfectly as they once did. In situations like this, it is a great idea to donate your lightly used ballroom dancing shoes to someone that can really benefit from them. Not only are you gaining a new pair of ball room dancing shoes, but you are also benefiting someone else!.

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