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Composition Can You Live Without The Rule Of Thirds - The Rule Of Thirds is an excellent starting point for photographers struggling with composition.

Gracie Allen Quotes to Commemorate The Birth of an American Comedian - Gracie Allen made millions laugh.

The Importance of A Myspace Background - Whatever your reasons for getting on Myspace you should understand that having an attractive background can help you accomplish you goal.

Getting a Job in the Entertainment Business - Learn just what you need to know and get a job too.

New Media Primer A World of Digital Gypsies - Can you recall the first time digital communication startled you with a personal suggestion? Your first Amazon.

The Beatles Best Psychedelic Songs - The Beatles are known for all kinds of different music but it their 5 greatest psychedelic songs that are the topic of this article.

The Profiles of Some Famous Guitarists - Gives the profiles of some well known guitarists.

Want To Learn Guitar Find the Right Method for You - This article talks about the best ways to learn how to play the guitar.

Art education in America the downward spiral - This article covers the WHY behind the current decline in art education in western culture.

The secret of helping people like you play guitar fast - Some people learn to get good at playing guitar so fast that there has to be some secret that they are using that is known to only a select few.

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