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Getting a Job in the Entertainment Business

When you think about how much time college students spend getting an education, and the money involved as well, it is hard to imagine a school where you can learn just what you need to learn, and get yourself a job too. The trend these days, especially during the economic downturn, is one Los Angeles film school that offers a production course curriculum that not opnly qualifies graduates for positions in the film industry, but that also for the television, music video and video industries. Here's how this works. You get industry experts who pass on their knowledge to the Film Connection classroom and provide an interactive and exciting atmosphere where they, as mentor teachers,work openly between sound stages, movie sets and the classroom.

The school offers training on sets and in real life working situations. You get to be trained one-on-one by a working professional. The mentor proactively teaches both professional and technical skills, helping to bridge the gap between academia and the workplace.

When you are done, you will probably have a job. "With Film Connection you learn more do more and are better equipped to get a job in the film industry upon graduation. Those other over-priced film schools just don't work. You come out under-trained, unemployed and broke," said Mars Callahan, writer, director and mentor. Programs can be completed in approximately half the time of degrees obtained from other schools. No experience is required and you can also start school when you want to begin.

Most schools have specific semesters. Some of the students even take classes part time during night or weekend sessions, so this way they can train around their current job schedule. The average course length is five to seven months, depending upon the schedule. Locating a good school is not only about which school will provide an education that the industry will take seriously, but the cost for attendance also plays into the formula.

Colleges and universities have formulas that they use -- some charge applicants by the credit hour, by clock hour, or by the semester. With fees, books and supplies, it can all add up pretty quickly. When it comes to learning about the entertainment arts, you should always look for a film, radio or music recording school that provides loans like SallieMae.

It is a good idea to look for schools that help place their graduates into good jobs. And make sure the school offers apprentice programs for the entertainment arts, with mentor teachers in each profession.

Kristin Gabriel is a writer who works with the Los Angeles film school known as the Entertainment Career Connection, Inc., a fully accredited academic institution certified by the National Private Schools Accreditation Alliance. This Los Angeles film school provides educational apprentice programs for the film, radio, television and the music recording industries in more than 100 cities in 50 states. The schools provide graduate apprentices and entry level employees to the entertainment industry with


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