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Best Position at a Craft Show

Traffic means profit ? make no bones about it ? the law of averages will tell you that the more people you attract to your craft show booth, the more sales you will make. So, carefully planning where you want to have your booth set up, is nearly as important as what you have in the booth to buy. In some cases, you will be assigned a spot at the craft show ? but many larger craft shows will have a floor plan provided to prospective vendors ahead of time.

This lets the vendor decide if there is one place better suited to others in the venue. Paying close consideration to this can help you get into a position where people keep coming, and coming, and coming? Here's three things to keep in mind when choosing the position of your craft show booth: 1.) Inner areas ? While many people will go around the outside loop of the craft show, you should try to get a booth on the inside areas of the craft show. Generally speaking more traffic goes in between the different booths, rather than around them.

If a person wants to see all of the booths, they need to go to the inside aisles in order to get there. Further, many of the main displays are in the center of the craft show area ? this means people MUST go through the middle. 2.

) Congregation points ? Not necessarily near the restrooms, but near the coffee stands, the mini-donut booth, and even where people are snacking. If you are near a place where people need to go in order to replenish their energy or to grab something to quench their thirst, chances are they are going to frequent the booths in that general area. Congregation points in craft shows are just that ? a place for larger groups to gather. This means more people, which equals more traffic. 3.) Booths that work together ? At many craft shows you will find that some of the most successful booths aren't the ones with the biggest sign, the flashiest salespeople or the least expensive ? but they might be right next to the ones that do have those things.

Find a booth that is very popular (a past history or knowledge of an event helps here), and sandwich yourself in there. Further, why not find a booth that has products that compliment or work well with your product. Once you have been to a specific craft show a few times, you will know where the higher traffic areas are. You may have to pay a premium to set up in those spots, but it might be worth it. If you are entering a new craft show, track your traffic and try a few different spots over the course of time. Eventually you will find a spot that works just right for you and your business!.

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