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Bingo Chat Acronyms

When you start playing bingo online, you will eventually also start to make friends online too. But In order to be a successful member of the online bingo community you need to familiarize yourself with bingo acronyms that are used by players in the online bingo community. Below is a short list of acronyms you will encounter and a brief definition. Some people might think '10x' as an algebraic expression but in online bingo community this means thanks or thank you. J/P and J/K: J/P means just playing and J/K means just kidding.

?4U simply means question for you. This is when somebody usually wants to ask you something. FCOL means 'for crying out loud' S2R means send to receive. Usually when a person wants to send you something usually a file via file transfer. Beware of receiving files from sources you don't know because they may potentially contain virus and Trojans.

Don't use upper case letters when chatting online bingo communities as this is understood as shouting loudly. Don't gossip about other players. Don't use foul language or racial slurs online. Don't pass sexually rude remarks.

As this type of behavior will result in you being banned from the community. Beware of online cons never give your credit card information, social security number and telephone number online. Keep an updated virus scanner. Scan all files you receive using updated antivirus software. Most online bingo players are women some people grow so close to each other that they even exchange telephone numbers and chat offline as well. Most of the people online know each other very well they have played for quite a while and respect each other.

It's like one of those old sitcoms where everyone knows your name. So they just don't only share the love for the game but also personal stories are shared on bingo communities. The acronyms we discussed above are usually used by younger bingo players online. However stats have shown that there is a growing number of senior people who are joining these online communities.

Although most seniors would struggle with a computer system, a handful of seniors are making it online and exploring online bingo. Try to find a community where you already have friends you know, it would be even better if someone recommend a community that you wouldn't have to go through a process of trying out each community in order to find the right one.

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