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Call Of Duty is awesome on my HDTV

When the Xbox 360 first came out the first thing I bought for it was "Call of Duty 2".  As some of you already know "Call of Duty 2" was one of the first games to come out for the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 is cool because it was the first console to come out with all of its games in HD as long as you had a HDTV of course. So saying that, Call of Duty 2 is no exception. I just have to say the game looks amazing in HD.  Aside from that it's another World War II game just like Call of Duty 1, not that it's a bad thing, World War II games is still a lot of fun.

  The single player is similar to the first one with bringing the gun to the middle of the screen to aim.  But what is a lot of fun is the multiplayer.  HD headshots never looked so good.  There are a variety of different classes you can choose from, such as a sniper all the way down to a rifleman.  The name of the class depends on what the name of the weapon in for that nation.  Like "Springfield" for the American sniper and scoped kar98k for Germans.

  As I have said before this game is great looking if played in HD on a HDTV.  It is like you are playing in a movie such as "Saving Private Ryan".  Speaking of "Saving Private Ryan" you get to play D-Day just like in the beginning of the movie.

What keeps the single player campaign fun and not repetitive is the difference in the levels that you play.  You could be playing as the Americans in one level or being the British doing all totally different things i another level.  There is one level where you are up on a building giving orders for artillery to shoot the enemy tanks.  Another one that takes place in Africa and you are actually driving a tank.  You get to go across the desert with your tank squadron and blow up other enemy tanks.  Of course there is your "good" and "classic" run in gunplay with objectives to get to a certain destination and destroy.

Although it would be cool for somebody to release a game where you get to play as the Germans but everything in this game feels just right and I would recommend it to everyone that is a shooter fan. .

John Wilkerson, an aspiring 16 year old writer.
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