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Casinos Get Rich On Innocent People

With Casino's popping up all over the world casino's continue to get rich off of innocent people. These people are our family and friends who innocently went to a gambling establishment with the hopes of having a nice night. Unwillingly the casinos grab hold of the innocent and refuse to let go until they have taken every penny they have earned.

I met two seniors Charlie and Camille who were married for almost forty five years. After they retired they were asked to go over to the local casino. They were excited and were looking forward to removing the boredom in their lives. The first time they went there they enjoyed the entertainment, the atmosphere and their chance to win big.

Camille was sixty six and Charlie was sixty eight years old. They had already retired a year earlier. Camille really enjoyed the Casino. They started going one day week the first two months then after a short time they were going four days a week. Charlie had no concerns because Camille handled the finances.

He figured they were doing well. He wasn't much of gambler. He enjoyed watching other people and relaxing at the bar.

Camille was at the slot machine hoping to win big. With out Charlie knowing, Camille had withdrawn their pensions and savings. The day finally came three years one month two days from the day they went to the casino for the first time.

Camille had to tell Charlie they were broke. This was a horror story to me. Charlie had to go back to work at seventy years old in order to survive. I could not believe that two people, who lead very conservative lives, worked hard, paid their taxes and raised three children.

This family is a family you would be proud to call American. How could this happen? Did the gambling establishments know Camille had a problem? Why didn't their children know? Why would our government allow this to happen to good respectable people? Should their government reimburse them for all their losses? And Do the people who voted yes for gambling now realize the devastation it has causing to innocent people? These questions need to be answered in order to help prevent this from happening our families and friends. There are so many lives who have be negatively affected gambling addiction, how can other local communities still vote to allow new casinos to be open? And why do our politicians continue to push for Casinos in their area? Once again there now are more and more questions to be answered and hope local governments open their eyes to the devastation it is causing through out the world.

For more information on gambling addiction and stop gambling you can check out Stop Gambling Addiction website has the useful resources and links on how to stop gambling.


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