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Cheapest Music Download

Working out the cheapest music download service isn't as easy as you might first imagine. You see, rather like cell phone contracts, there are so many different options that you need to consider your own use of music downloads and then compare this with the different options available. As an example, if you are a heavy user looking for unlimited music downloads, the cheapest music download site is likely completely different to someone who just wants to download the odd album from time to time. Appreciate also that services, subscriptions and costs do change from time to time so I would encourage you to double-check any details before you go ahead with a music download service so there are no nasty surprises for you.

OK, with that said, let's take a look at some current options for you that I hope will provide you with some food for thought. Cheapest Music Downloads For The Heavy User If you're a heavy music download user and you're going to be working your hard drive to it's full capacity then one of the unlimited music download services would most likely prove the cheapesat music download service for you. Emusic offers you unlimited music downloads at present - and you can also download all the tracks to your mp3 player or burn them to CD without any problems.

Alternatively, careful use of a piece of peer to peer music download software like Kazaa or Limewire will really ramp up the possibilities for you. Cheapest Music Downloads For The Average User For the average user, the monthly-subscription based model can prove the most cost effective and allows you to download a fixed number of albums and/or singles in any calendar month. Check out the supermarket download sites like Walmart music and Itunes to see what the best current deals are before taking the plunge.

Once again, Emusic has potential to work out cheap for you as their monthly charges are low and they offer a trial period too so you can try them out before committing yourself to anything. Cheapest Music Downloads For The Occasional User For the occasional user I would suggest avoiding those services that charge you a monthly fee because you don't know whether you're going to download antyhing in a particular month even though you'll still end up paying the subscription fee. Probably best to opt for one of the music download services where you don't need to commit to anything and can just pay per track, such as with Musicmatch or Itunes. At the end of the day, as I say, the way to work out the cheapest music download service for you is to look at the music you have bought over the last 3 months or so, average that out on a monthly basis and then compare the various packages available from music download sites to see which, on an average month, will prove most cost effective.

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