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Choosing the Best Golf Ball

All golfers have one thing in common. They cannot play without golf balls. Skill level or experience has nothing to do with this one no-brainer. However, it is not about whether or not one needs golf balls it is a question of which golf balls to choose. The answer is not universal and, generally, depends on the golfer's preferences and tastes.

It is about what how much the golfer wants to spend and his or her expectations from the ball. Some golfers play with only one certain brand of golf balls. There are no expectations to such golfers. Cost is not a factor. They golf with this ball or do not golf at all.

Yes, this may be an extreme case, but the reality of it is that some people find this within the norm. Golf is virtually on grounds equal to food and water, or at least it seems, and they appear to take golf stuff to the extreme. Now, for a more common sense approach to choosing a golf ball, let's start with the new golfer. The beginner golfer should forget what he or she has heard about types of golf balls.

Disregard the various reviews and recommendations as to what ball goes farther and such. At first, playing good golf is not about the ball quality but about getting out there and playing. First of all, beginner golfers lose many golf balls at first. At this stage, price should come before quality when choosing a golf ball. The "been around" balls are a good choice for beginner golfers.

These balls are sold in bulk and are considered recycled balls, as they have already been to the golf course once. They were lost by others, found and now sold at approximately fifty to a bag. They are a good starting place for beginner golfers. Typically, these used golf balls are not brand name golf balls.

Does it really matter at this point? Not really. The beginner golfer is more focused on learning the skill necessary to play the game of golf. He or she is learning not only how to hit the ball but how to hit it straight and out of the woods and water. Since dozens or even hundreds of balls will be lost, it is more logical for the beginner golfer to purchase used balls in bulk and at a lower price. As the golfer improves, he or she can gradually transition to a better quality ball.

However, it is still important to consider the price of the ball in correlation to skill level. Avoid rushing out to the local golfing store and purchase the most expensive ball on the market. Generally, golfers improve as they play more. He or she can experiment with the variety of brands of balls as his or her skill level increases. Soon, he or she will find which ball is best for them while they are on the course.

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