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Dance Auditions and Self Confidence

Anything can happen in the casting process. It is a unique experience. A good breakfast, good haircut, a terrific voice the directors will love - getting the callback can happen for any reason.

An actor's success can sometimes be beyond their control. Self-confidence is the easiest way to manage the dance audition or singing audition. .Performers must be in good shape - similar to athletics - in order to feel 'ready to manage' a dance audition. We need to practice and work hard with dance and vocal exercises.

.Some talents can be sharpened - such as having a few monologues at the ready, networking, practicing the craft, exercising and taking care of our instrument. ."In the past, I've questioned myself and my talents. Many auditions have been botched by fear.

". .I was hoping to get a pick-me-up from the actor, but instead i got:. ."I too have messed up my fair share of auditions.

Fear has been holding me back as well. Self-confidence is the key.". .Jack Welch has said: "Giving people self-confidence is by far the most important thing that I can do.

Because then they will act.". .Confidence in your audition abilities will in time bring you great successes.

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