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Discount Basketball ShoesBe Careful

Please remember that you usually get exactly what you pay for--so buyer beware when you purchase discount basketball shoes. Be very selective and examine the shoes inside and outside. The time that you spend in the selection process may be time well spent. The demand for basketball shoes has led to the setting up of a large number of shops, both online and offline, that sell discount basketball shoes.

These stores offer huge discounts -- as high as 20 to 40 per cent -- on basketball shoes, making the offer very tempting. However, one must be careful while selecting the branded basketball shoes. A concerned Nike, which is a leading manufacturer of basketball shoes, has gone to the extent of putting up a notice warning buyers to be careful of stores that offer big discounts.

Nike's greatest fear is that substandard shoes are being sold in the name of Nike. According to Nike, "If the fit isn't the same, the sole has little traction, or they smell of cheap rubber glue they're fake. Websites that sell fakes will usually state that their shoes are factory samples or variants or custom or replicas, etc. Also see where they are shipped from. Beware of sites that say they ship from Hong Kong or China via EMS.

" Even E-bay in its guidelines for buyers advises caution. It advises buyers of discount shoes to check the credentials of the seller by going through the testimonials or feedback section. E-bay also advises buyers to check the seller's return policy before buying a basketball shoe. However, this does not mean that every discount store is a cheat. There are several genuine discount stores on the net.

One only has to scout around to locate the good ones. Nike itself recommends several online stores where its shoes can be bought without fear or concern. Another point that needs to be checked is the shipping charge. There is no point in buying a shoe on discount if the shoe's cost becomes equal to the cost of a new shoe, once the shipping cost is added. In such cases, it makes more sense to buy the basketball shoe from an offline store.

The buyer can at least check the quality of the shoe, and its fit. Stores that offer a return policy should always be favored. The advantage with these stores is that they will change the shoe in case it does not fit or fails to meet the buyer's expectations.

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