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Do You Really Need Every Piece Of Golf Equipment Available

There are many different types of golf equipment and all have the ability to improve your game tenfold as long as you use them to their fullest extent. If you go into the local golf shop, you will notice a large variety of equipment ranging from golf clubs, to putting machines. In fact golf is one of the only sports where the equipment you buy will shape the way you play out there on the course. Golf Clubs Golfer's normally carry around 14 golf clubs in a set. They are made up of five different types and are named; woods, irons, putters, hybrid and wedges.

Each different type of golf club has a different purpose altogether. Woods are used for a few purposes. One, the driver is used to normally tee off on a par four or par five hole. Two fairway woods such as the three and five wood can be used to hit from fairways where the distance away from the pin is too great to use an iron.

Lastly, many golfers use woods when chipping out of rough. This enables them to hit a ball that will run or roll for an extended period of time, usually when the green a larger than normal. The hybrid is a combination of the irons and woods, which is mostly used for long shots from hard grounds and the rough.

Wedges are used to play shorter shots from rough and hard ground such as sand or the rough. Irons are of course used for mid ranged shots where players are looking to land their ball on the green, however many golfers opt for irons when choosing to lay up, when a hole is just a little too long. There are many manufacturers of good golf clubs, but the most famous ones are Nike, Callaway, and Mizuno Golf. Golf ball This golf equipment is another important feature to a player. Golf balls nowadays come in two-piece, three-piece and even four-piece forms.

These are much different from those used in the old days of golf matches, these balls are very much more responsive and durable, as well as last longer compared to the former balls. There are many good and famous makers of golf balls. Just to name a few; Maxfli, Ben Hogan, Precept, Nike, Callaway, Mizuno, and many more. These makers have a vast range of balls with competitive level of quality. Most of the balls nowadays come with super-features such as having thermoplastic urethane as covers and having titanium, nickel or cobalt cores. Golf shoes One semi important piece of equipment are golf shoes.

Many golfers who play often will opt to buy a pair of golf shoes. Generally these shoes are made specifically for golf and usually have spikes on the soles that help to give players extra grip which then intern increases stability. One of the biggest yet unspoken reasons why many golfers choose to buy golf shoes is that they want to look professional. As golf a mostly a psychological game, many people believe that looking like a golfer helps them to feel like one as well and therefore they will notice an improvement in their game.

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