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Famous Urban Legend Chain emails

Checking around the net for a little information about the chain e-mail dilemma one needs to stop and think for at least two or three seconds. Am I becoming part of the problem, assuming there is one, or part of the solution? The stuff that is describing these chain e-mails is in of itself a chain e-mail. Try thinking One listing describes an Abercrombie and Finch chain e-mail as a hoax, and does a nice job at it as well. It shows the chain letter in grey and in nice plain text below the letter it describes it as a hoax. But, hang on those 2 or 3 seconds.

What's this in blue? "E-mail to a friend." Ok, sure Susie will want to know about this. Hello! Check me if I'm wrong here but isn't this the whole idea of a chain letter in the first place? Think people! Heck, if you need more time print the darn thing out on your Epson printer and post it on your punch board. That's one of the beauties of Epson printers you can print and think.

Yes, those were the days. People actually thought about things before they acted (sarcasm.) Combining death, money and a dead African girl So, outside of good old Abercrombie and Finch, what is it that gets people to pass along chain letters in today's information age? Threat of death is a big one. Making a bunch of cash is another. But, currently, the possibility of being possessed by a dead African girl is the biggie on MySpace and YouTube.

One might think that MySpace and YouTube would be safe from chain mail. Nope, they're hot beds of chain mail. Unfortunate consequences are more likely on MySpace where the younger set is easy pickings. On YouTube, however, the crowd is not so ready to be taken in. After all, there is the potential for making money, and not through a stinking chain mail threat either.

Think about it, dead African girl, possession, making money? As Mickie Rooney might say "hey kid's let' put on a show", OOP's sorry, wrong generational reference there. Let's rephrase; as Toby Mquire might say "hey creative people with to much time on your hands, lets make a YouTube video and sell it to a corporation after getting 2.6 million hits." Chain e-mails? How passť, get your web cam out and chain away. Oh, and don't forget to e-mail this to a friend.

James Kara Murat from, the contributor of PrintCountry FAQ. A longer version is located at Famous Urban Legend Chain e-mails, and related resources at PrintCountry Printer Ink Cartridges Funny Stuff and Jokes.


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