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Golf in Las Vegas

Golf in Las Vegas is developing very fast. Thirty years back, visitors and locals played for the first time at The Tropicana Golf Course, the place where MGM Grand Hotel and Casino are standing. Monte Carlo and Bellagio Hotels are standing in place of The Dunes course. Some golf courses such as Municipal Golf Course, Craig Road, Sahara Country Club and Winter Wood are still giving golf pleasure to the people and visitors of Las Vegas. At present, there are almost 60 golf courses in and around Las Vegas.

But all of them are not in working condition, some of them are under construction and some are on the project table. Even then, the present golf clubs are enough for recreation of the one and half million population city and the visitors from all over the world. Fuzzy Zoeller, Nicklaus, Palmer, Chi Chi Rodriques and Johnny Miller have all designed golf courses here and provided marvelous chances to enjoy golf in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas golf courses are all constructed and developed by professionals and all of them played here during tournaments. Aliante Golf Club Las Vegas: Aliante is a challenging and exciting golf course which covers more than 7,000 yards. This Golf course is slightly elevated, which provide unique playing lines and angles and interesting contours. Some of the highlights are generous landing areas, numerous water features and strategic use of trees. Panks is once again in news due to its design philosophy and giving enjoyable experience to beginners and challenge to experts. Angel Park Golf Club: This golf course was designed by Arnold Palmer.

You will here get one of the world's most complete golf experiences. A lighted range with a green course and full-service clubhouse facilities are available at Angel Park Golf Club. Junior Lessons, Group and Deluxe Golf Schools are available on the official website of Resort Golf Academies. Badlands Golf Club: Chi Chi Rodriguez and Hall-of-Famer Johnny Miller designed Badlands Golf Club. This golf course offers shot values that you cannot find anywhere else.

Ball positioning and accuracy are vital if you want to play here. Practice, banquet and clubhouse facilities are available. American Golf's Nike Golf Learning Center and Ken Venturi Golf School are on site. Canyon Gate Club: Ted Robinson designed Canyon Gate Country golf club located in Canyon Gate community of homes. This golf club is full of natural vegetation. Canyon Gate golf course is also home to several water hazards and Robinson trademarked rolling hills.

The club offers challenging and interesting golf in Las Vegas. Plan your next vacation for Las Vegas, we are sure you will enjoy golf in Las Vegas.

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