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Guidance on Knowing the Types of Tents

When it is time to go for camping for the first time, it is also a time to choose what type of the tent which we need for our camping trip. There are many tents available, but it is much better if we know each of them before we make our decision which tent we need to buy. Find some guides to know the types of the tent. The Bush Hut The bush hut is the simplest kind of shelter to build in the woods.

It may not look like much when you start it, but it improves from year to year. Look for a bush that has long, pliable branches and thick foliage. Bend the branches down in an arch, and fasten the ends to the ground. You might use strong rope on leather thongs attached to pegs. While you are doing this try not to crack any twigs or branches.

Now weave other leafy branches in between the arch so closely that the wind will be efficiently kept out. This hut has the advantage of actually growing. The network of branches will get thicker and thicker and will soon look so natural that anyone not in on the secret will not guess the existence of the hut. Unfortunately, the foliage does not completely keep out the rain, and the hut is a useful shelter only in the summer. Nevertheless, it's a fine secret hiding place.

The Pyramid hut If you don't want to wait years until your hut gets roomy, and if you want a shelter that will protect you from the rain, you can erect a pyramid hut. Find some long, solid branches, and set them up in the form of a pyramid. Weave smaller branches horizontally around the framework of the poles. Then weave branches with heavy foliage over this. Beech leaves are the best, for the branches from coniferous (cone-bearing) trees such as pine or fir are not able to keep out the rain.

Work from the bottom up, and extend every succeeding layer over the one below it. Only this way can the rain run from the peak down to the ground without leaking in. Be sure the opening of the hut faces away from the storm side. Don't forget to dig a ditch around the hut so that the rain water will run off. You can line the inside with dried moss, and add a couple of thick pieces of log to serve as stools. If you want additional furniture, look around you for ideas.

There are many primitive but serviceable things you can build from materials you'll find at your camp site. The Gabled hut Setting up a hut is often time-consuming because you have to search for the suitable poles and weaving materials for the rough framework. Therefore, experienced hut builders always carry a net of tarred or waxed cord with them. You can easily weave a net for yourself. The meshes have to be about 8 inches apart, and the whole net should be about 6 feet by 12 feet.

With a net like this, you can build a gabled hut very quickly. Weave leafy branches between the meshes, or use grass, hay, straw, ferns, or large leaves if you are camping in a field and, again, work from the bottom up and extend each layer over the previous one. You can use the Bush hut and the Gable hut if you plan to go for camp in a forest area. But if you choose to camp in the place where it has heavy rain pour, choose the pyramid hut for a better protection.

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