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How Every Golfer Can Benefit From Custom Fitted Golf Clubs

What's so important about custom fitted golf clubs you ask? Only your golf game if you want it put in a nutshell. If you don't have your clubs properly fitted to your swing style and game you're giving away strokes for yourself and to the competition. Every player who loves the game of golf needs to have this done. The nice thing about it is you don't need to buy new clubs; they'll do it to your existing ones.

What exactly does it mean to have your clubs fitted? Just like anything else you buy most golf clubs are fairly generic or all the same when they are produced at the manufacture and then sold to the consumer. The same thing holds true for a pair of pants when you buy them. But with a pair of pants you normally will have to have them altered to fit your body height and size so they are as comfortable as possible. The same thing holds true with golf clubs. Since everyone has different golf swing, your clubs should be fitted to suit your particular swing style to maximize performance.

This fitting phenomenon has just recently been strongly pushed or marketed to the general public. The idea itself has been around along time. The PGA pros have been doing it for large number of years.

But the manufacturers are always trying to improve their clubs to help the users improve their game. This custom fitting for everyone is basically a natural progression for the game itself. You are leaving your self behind your fellow competitors by not having it done. When you get custom fitted golf clubs you're getting clubs that fit your swing like a glove. You can get fitted at any local golf fitting center, golf store, pro shop, or driving range that has what you call a launch monitor. This is a computer system that analyses your swing while you hit a few balls into a net or on the range.

It records readings about your trajectory, launch angle off the club face, swing speed, golf ball spin, and number of other things. This information is then taken and converted to tell specialist what shafts you should have in your clubs, what angle your clubs should be sitting at, the proper lofts and lies, to get you the optimum launch angle for maximum controlled ball flight. They also can suggest what clubs would be best for you if you're thinking of purchasing new ones. This whole process takes anywhere form 10 to 20 minutes to figure out and the results can make a world of difference in your game and your clubs. We can't stress enough the importance of having custom fitted golf clubs whether they are brand new or using the set you have now. Go to your local fitter and get yourself put on a launch monitor today.

There's usually a small fee for anyone fitting their current clubs, while the service is usually included if you're buying new clubs. Custom fitted golf clubs today will make a world of difference in your game tomorrow.

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