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How many types of bag

The following article presents the broad information on types of bags/suitcase available in the market. If you have a particular interest in this subject, then this informative article is required carefully reading. However, you may not consider everything you just read to be crucial information. But don't be surprised if you find yourself recalling and using this very information in the next few days. As many of you already know that there are plenty of suitcase types and designs available to choose from, and each of them certainly has advantages and disadvantages, so you have to learn a bit more about them in order to choose properly.

It is not only for you to choose the best one that you can afford, but also you have to consider many elements of each of them elaborately, so you need to identify your need first whether you want suitcase that made from the material which is hard, soft or kind of semi-soft material. The first type that we are going to know is called Pullmans. They are large suitcases that generally have variety of sizes. The most common type of Pullmans available range in size from two to three feet of each side. Due to their large side, this kind of suitcase usually equipped with roller wheels in order for users to move or transport them easily.

However, using large suitcase have both pros and cons it may have disadvantage in terms of size and weight which could be heavy, but in the same time it is proved that large suitcase also provides the most protection of your belongings during the bag or suitcase is being transported. Meanwhile softer suitcase provides more flexibility in terms of it can contain stuff a bit more than its capacity. There is a type of soft suitcase called semi-soft suitcase, which has a large size same as hard suitcase but provide more flexibility than the hard case ones. Even though semi-soft type may have less protection if compare to hard suitcase but they still have more protection than soft suitcases. This type of bag sometime is more convenient than the completely hard suitcase ones because sometimes hard suitcase could not be carried onto the plane and has to be checked by officer. In general use, most of people tend not to pack their suit or dress that likely to wrinkle into suitcase.

There is a specific type of bag that designed specially for this purpose and it's called garment bag. Garment bag usually come with a hanger on the top and you will be able to hang it anywhere as you need, but more importantly, garment bag can maintain the shape of your suit and dresses not to become wrinkle. Garment bags normally have to be checked but in most case depend on its size and weight.

There is another type of suitcase called carry-on suitcase, this type is very popular among travelers who travel in short term period. This type is usually soft or semi-soft material suitcase. The size of carry-on suitcase is approximately 22 inches and mostly equipped with roller wheels.

By using this type of bag to travel abroad, you may have to check the requirement of the airline because sometime the over-stuff carry-on bags may be too large for overhead compartment.

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