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How the Very First Live Dealer Casino Changed Gambling Online

The premier live casino was pretty successful in leading all the otheronline casinos that followed blazing a new trail of live online casinos. Its never easy for the pioneering original live dealer online casino to start a new trend in online gambling without without knowing it would work. These live dealer games was also challenged with a new type of technical problems that needed a viable solution as it involved live video feeds, which is highly vulernable to problems. Dublin Bet Casino, as the pioneer online casino that brought the live dealer feature braved all these challenges and created what proved to be a breakthrough in casino entertainment online. It wasn't long until, several other online casinos followed suit.

Finally, the live dealer video feeds was on its way to becoming the hottest thing on Internet. The orginal live dealer casino opened its doors to new breed of online gambling experience where casino players can see and converse with the online dealers that serve up the game results. Through a live video feed of a real live casino game, the player gets to play a full-featured casino game, complete with online sounds and real honest results. Often the online players were not sure about the security of onlineof the casinos, which is the reason why a lot of people find online casinos appropriate for fun play, but not for real dollar games. Due to the onset of live online gaes, there was no reason to doubt the accuracy of the live game results.

All the games are based on actual results, so there's possible means you'll get beaten by a computer without you getting a realistic a chance. Beacuase of the live dealer video feed, your certain you are playing by the numbers, and the live casino dealers will motivate you even more. The entire concept began when the web was found to be such a useful platform for entertainment. It did not take long for people to develop a way to put the gamble online.

Microgaming was the first to design the online live video concept. In the very beginning, it was mainly about fun games, but not about online gambling, at the moment, since gambling for money was still not possible. As soon as a company called CryptoLogic invented a way to make gambling for money possible, the rest was history. Many casinos that went online soared in popularity, and players all over the world started playing online, playing for money at an online casino a popular hobby. One important thing was missing, and it was the online live casino games what finally led people to want more real likeness of a real casino than just a computer game.

And finally, with the invention of webcam technology, the live dealer games became the main stream. Online casinos picked three top favorite games and created rich live dealer games out of them. From just the ordinary online game, they added a video streaming that displayed the live webcast with live dealer sounds.

The developers also installed the chat option, to make gaming even richer. With it, players can easily communicate with the live dealers even in the middle of a live game. The live dealer version of the three most played casino games is available.

The live dealer games are live dealer baccarat, blackjack, and roulette. Now, when players want to play these live games online, the simple online version is just not enough. The live dealer feature makes the experience complete.

Dan investigates educational articles regarding real live casinos that have roulette live en ligne as well as other live casinos. Get informed on the best live blackjack where you get up to the minute information on your favorite live casino news.


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