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How To Record A Demo And Market Yourself

One of the first thing you will ever need to market your self or your band, is a 3 song demo CD. Most venues don't even look at you if you haven't got anything to show for. Creating a demo on a tight poor musicians budget can be a problem, however, whatever you do, don't skimp too much. It doesn't have to be a perfectly produced sound, but it has to represent you in such a way that you can hand it over with confidence, not with embarrassment.

Cheap home recording, may give you something as a reference for yourself, but it may backfire if you try to use it to get a venue, manager or label interested. The best option is to check around at different studios and see if they have any deals on recording demos. Just make sure that you and any other musicians have the material perfected before going into the studio. Studios who have no packages work on an hourly rate, (usually between $50 and $120) and it can get very expensive if you don't have it together, so literally "time is money.

" For those new to recording, here are a few tips to help keep your productivity up during a session. 1.Be 100% sure on which songs you are going to record. 2.Have all the lyrics and music sections written out, as to avoid confusion.

3.Take lots of food and drinks. 4.Be prepared to do a lot of sitting around, waiting for each person to record their own part. 90% of the time, with a band, the studio engineer will record the drums and bass first, then the guitar parts, followed by the keys and voices. Other sounds can be at any point.

Don't assume that mistakes will be fixed in the mix down stage, even though it is quite possible, to a degree. The best sound will come from the source, this being you. Take this experience very seriously, but don't forget to have a fun and relaxed recording session.

Your first time in a professional recording studio could be one of the most memorable moments in your life. It was for me! Enjoy it! Now comes the task of marketing. First you need a press kit that you can use to market yourself to people in your target industry, different performing venues, etc. A press kit consists of the following: 1. Several promotional photos. 2.

A bio/fact sheet. 3. A three song demo of your music. - probably the most important 4.

Your contact information, including your website address. 5. Any press you've received from newspapers, websites, etc. It will of course take some time to get these things together, and make it look good. Next, use your press kit, and approach the venues where you would like to play.

Start with an area where you live, than widen the area, depending on how far you want to travel. Lets sum up a bit. Now you have a press kit, including the demo, some gigs and some reviews. Make that into a whole new packaged press kit,and try to send it to your local radio station. While you're waiting to hear back from the radio stations, get busy creating a web-site, also social neyworking sites such as Myspace are a must! I would recommend setting up a website with pictures, some samples of your music, and a bio (basically an online press kit).

You can start with a free website, or do this by creating a profile on some of the music websites who offer free Artist listings. On your website, make sure you have a calendar with upcoming gigs, and a sign in list for your fans. Offer a way for them to purchase your CD's, or purchase digital downloads of your music. This will also allow you to get more money to produce a better CD. Build your fan base, if you can fill a venue, venues will take you back, and you have a better chance of getting noticed.

While you're getting some attention online, start searching for managers to represent you. It's nice to have someone who is well-connected in the industry who can shop your material to record companies. At your performances, you can also promote your website and sell CD's once they are finished. Try to enter band or songwriting competitons.

These will get you direct exposure with the industry who often are contest judges. You will also be able to get press more easily if you do well in these contests. If you do all of this, it should give you the opportunity to get lots of exposure and meet people who could help you further your career.

Terrence is the owner of a popular Mobile DJ Company based out of Dallas,Tx and has been spinnin records for over 9 years now. He has a Degree in Audio Engineering, and currently works in the Radio Industry.


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