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If You Want To Play Baseball Here Are Some Must Haves

Baseball is America's pastime. To play the game there are a few basic pieces of equipment that everyone must have on hand. For most, this equipment is common knowledge, but some may be less familiar with the terminology and rules.

Every game revolves around a baseball bat and a ball. The ball contains a cork center that is wrapped in string and then covered with a layer of leather that is then stitched up. The bat is made of metal or wood, usually maple or ash. Metal bats are not allowed in professional games, but many minor league and Little League teams allow them.

In the game of baseball, the pitcher throws a ball to the man standing at home plate. That person is called the batter, and his goal is to hit the ball. The bases or plates are set up in a diamond shape a certain distance from one another. As the ball is hit, the batter runs to each base in order from home to first, second, third, and back to home. Everyone on the team needs a baseball mitt. This protects the players' hands from the impact of the ball.

Catchers have a special mitt with additional padding and a wider span. Some players choose to put on an additional glove underneath the glove for added protection. Batters wear batting gloves. This helps them grip the bat more tightly and offers a little insulation against the shock of the bat hitting the ball. A batting helmet is required as head protection for any batter.

Pitches can travel upwards of 90 miles per hour, so headgear is necessary. Catchers wear a helmet as well; only their helmet also has a wire cage that pulls down over the face to protect from additional injuries. All players wear a cup. This protects them from groin injury during a game. A jockstrap holds the genitals in place inside the cup.

Pitchers and players on the field wear a baseball cap. This helps shade their eyes from the sun and also ties in to their team colors and uniform designs. Uniforms also tie in to the team's color scheme.

Teams have two uniforms, one for home games and one for away games. Belts keep the pants from falling down during the game. Usually, the team has a logo, such as their mascot, that appears somewhere on the uniform.

Often the players were sliding shorts under their uniforms to protect the legs from injury when a player slides into a base. Also important to any uniform are the spiked sneakers. These special additions to the sole of the sneakers grip the ground tightly. This can be a lifesaver when the ground is slick from prior rain showers. There are other items that may be used in any game, but they are optional.

As long as a player is dressed in uniform and the coaches have the proper equipment, there is nothing to stop a number of players from enjoying their sport.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as a baseball equipment at


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