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Just How Popular Are Video Games

Everyone is playing video games now. When they arrived on the scene, the main audience for them were teens that were somewhat socially inept or "geeky", but that has changed. Now, not only do kids and teenager play video games but grown men and women play them in their spare time as well. In fact, the 25-34 age group is one of the largest group of customers buying these PlayStation games and Xbox games. Women love this kind of computer simulated interaction too and account for 40% of the main audience. The game consoles market is so large that almost no demographic is excluded.

According to recent studies, video games are now more popular than television. Twenty years ago families would sit down together and watch the Cosby Show. Millions still watch television every night. But the world of entertainment has changed. There are now thousands of websites dedicated to discussions regarding specific games.

For example. there are sites that have discussion boards on strategies and updates and tips for gamers dedicated solely to Madden Football. In recent years, U.S. sales of video games have begun to pass Hollywood box office revenues. That statistic won't change and the gap between the two will only continue to grow larger as more and more people get hooked on the realistic simulations that companies are putting out.

This is especially true as the gaming industry has begun to target young children. Some say that video games are contributing to the dumbing down of America's kids. Perhaps that is not true.

Electronic games promote a lot of beneficial things such as hand eye coordination, improved concepts of literature such as character development, and can make learning fun and exciting. There are tons of new ones on the market that teach reading and arithmetic through both handheld and console video games. There is even talk of incorporating them in the learning strategy for some schools. Children's hospitals have also found an excellent use for them.

Often times when children are undergoing treatments for serious illnesses such as cancer or sickle cell anemia their treatments can be long and painful. Hand held video games are a wonderful way to brighten a child's day and take their mind off of what is happening. Video games are extremely popular and have caused a revolution in the entertainment industry. They are fun for everyone and are shaking off the bad rap they've had in the past. If you aren't already playing them then you should start today!.

David Stargel publishes a Madden Football video game related website in addition to writing about all sorts of video game related topics. Check out Madden Football Central


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