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Ken And Borris London Mayoral Debate On Sky

I don't really know who won. Ken has been around a long time now and always looks comfortable, especially as audiences who have the time to attend these debates always seem to clap wildly at anything the most left-leaning candidate says. Borris seemed to be trying too hard. He'd the look of a man who the end could not come soon enough. It's difficult for conservative candidates to get enthusiastic about Muslim festivals, a demographic that Red Ken has long sown up for himself.

The classic arcade games on help numb the senses to the rhetoric spewed out by all the candidates. There is nothing like classic arcade games epically ones where you compete against the bored masses for a coveted high score.

The irrelevant Lib-Dem guy predictably tried to position himself above it all, but last night he seemed unable to make any impact at all. Ken Lied. He's proficient at it now, so much that no-one even notices or cares.

His fundamentalist loony-left crackpot following will always vote for him in a city that has seen a mass exodus, 'white flight' if you like, essentially abandoning it to the dregs of mutli-culti society. Borris, once the bumbling buffoon of the tories now seems their best chance to take advantage of Gordon Browns alarming drop on popularity. Blair was intelligent enough to distance himself form from Livingstone knowing that his party has been destroyed before by rambling leftists. Gordon Brown full support shows the difference in style and judgement between the two. I don't know who is ahead of the race right now, but I reckon Ken will be able to rally the troops one more time.

Torie voters are not as dependant on government handouts as labour are. They will vote for Ken as long as he taxes and spends. The folly of this approach is that the best and brightest will keep leaving and the increasingly government dependant masses in London will eventually spend themselves into poverty.

Whatever your view, does any one think that Ken will make London A better place for all Londoners if he were to be elected for another long and expensive term? The Olympics will revitalise London, but it's citizens will pay dearly well into the future for it's policies today. It seems that Ken has successfully defined the agenda for this election. His poll tax on traffic has had wide support and viewed as successful with other countries interested in this model. He now wants to increase this tax on SUVs, a demographic that will have the left frothing at the mouth as an example of evil inherent. But If you are like me, forget your troubles and politics and log into www. for a welcome relief and see if you can beat my score on Space Invaders. Go on, bet you can't?.

Classic Arcade Games Classic Arcade Games Classic Arcade Games Classic Arcade Games
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