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Kick Off World of soccer games

On this website you can choose to go to the latest news of the blog (on 8 different languages) about old school football, games like Sensible World of Soccer, Kick Off 2, Player Manager, The Manager and their remake like Throw in and Up Soccer or take a look at wikickoff, the open encyclopedia of Football videogames, home computer and console emulators for Windows, Apple Mac OSX, Linux, Pocket PC that anyone can edit, or just go to the forum and start discussing about old Amiga, Atari, Commodore 64, Nintendo, SEGA, Megadrive, the latest football games for PC and consoles Wikickoff is a Web-based, free-content encyclopedia inspired to Wikipedia, which is written collaboratively by volunteers. Entries on traditional encyclopedic topics exist alongside those on current events topics. Its purpose is to create and distribute, worldwide, a free Kick Off encyclopedia in as many languages as possible. Wikickoff is one of the most popular reference sites of the Kick Off Association.

Wikickoff began as a complement to the Kick Off World Cup Guide on April 2005. Having steadily gained in popularity, it has spawned several conceptually related sister projects such as Wikoa and the Italian Wikickoff. Its articles are edited by volunteers in wiki fashion, meaning articles are subject to change by nearly anyone. Wikickoff's volunteers enforce a policy of "neutral point of view".

Under this, the views presented by notable persons or KOA members are summarized without attempting to determine an objective truth.

Filippo Della Bianca is the owner of Kick Off World of Soccer games. You can find more information at Kick Off 2 World Forum.


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