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Have you or one of your friends ever thought about being a filmmaker? Or have you made an independent film and would like to get it out to a wider audience? Well, the answer is here, the answer is MySpace. MySpace gives the young filmmaker an opportunity to get their project out to a larger audience and get peer responses from other filmmakers. Your film will get reviewed by people who know a lot about films, people who just love to watch films, and filmmakers themselves. To create a filmmaker profile for MySpace is just about as easy as making a regular profile for MySpace.

All you need is all of your information and you're done. The hard part is having the film to put on your site. This is another positive to being a new filmmaker on MySpace.

You don't need a film right away to sign up. You can just be an aspiring filmmaker. Other filmmakers will always be other to give you tips on filmmaking and methods to making the film that you would want to make.

This type of advice can be found in the "Filmmaker Forum." In the forum, there are many filmmakers who discuss all that there is to filmmaking. From film financing, casting calls, camera tricks, and discussions over other films on MySpace that they admire. Getting to know fellow filmmakers can make it become easier to get your film off the ground.

Finding a filmmaker through MySpace that lives near you could be very beneficial. If you are a new filmmaker, you can meet them and they can help you get your project off the ground. Or maybe it could be a joint project like Tarantino and Rodriguez, but with a smaller budget. Nonetheless joint projects over time seem to be very good, and MySpace could make this type of film a reality. If you have a question that you might think is stupid to the professionals on MySpace, like, "What is a good camera I should buy or rent to make my film?" More often than not, someone on MySpace will be happy to give suggestions given your budget and type of movie you want to create.

The point is, if you want to be a filmmaker, MySpace is the perfect place to come to. It will teach you the tricks of the trade, and give you're a clear idea of how to make a film, how to meet fellow filmmakers, and how to release it to a wider audience.

This article was written for our friends at Pimp My Code Space to invite everyone to join this great community. Article written and distributed by Steve Cancel, IT Manager of Secure Link.


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