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Naughty or Nice Transform Yourself into a Sexy Santa this Christmas

Give Your Man a Real Surprise on Christmas Eve! The holidays are a busy time, full of fun and family togetherness. But sometimes it's tough to find one-on-one time for your boyfriend or husband with all the running around you do. If you are looking for a way to give him a little early Christmas present?one that he'll never forget!?consider a little game of dress up. When we picture Mrs. Claus, most of us visualize a sweet, wrinkled old woman with her hair in a bun, wearing a prim red dress. But Mrs.

Claus probably wasn't always the grandmotherly type she is now. Imagine your man's surprise and delight when you show him just how sexy Ms. Claus can be! And who's to say that Santa didn't sneak a peek once in a while at that really hot elf in the Doll Department? Now that would be a really eye-opening gift for your significant other to unwrap on Christmas Eve. Setting the stage for your Christmas vixen transformation isn't difficult.

Just follow the steps below: 1. Give him advanced warning. Drop little hints throughout the day, letting your significant other know that you've got plans for him. Give him a risqué call while you're out doing some last-minute Christmas shopping or leave him a naughty note with clues about your "early holiday gift." Big surprises like the one you've got in store deserve a little build-up. 2.

Make the necessary arrangements. Planning ahead is an important step, especially if you're married with little ones in the house. Make sure everything is all set ahead of time so that you and your man will have some uninterrupted alone time. Doesn't your sister owe you a night of free babysitting? 3. Set the mood.

Since your surprise is holiday-themed, consider putting on some soft instrumental music?a loud and ill-timed "Fa la la la la, la la la la" might be kind of a mood killer. Candles or a brightly lit fireplace are also a good touch, while the scent of peppermint (such as from an oil potpourri burner or votives) is thought to be an exciting brand of aromatherapy. 4. Don your suitably sexy elf or Ms.

Claus costume. Whether it's a rousing red Rockette-like mini skirt, or a fun and flirtatious elf frock, be sure to choose your costume based on the "wow factor." Your Ms.

Claus or Santa's favorite helper character could sport high hemlines, low-cut tops, or stacked heels: all three are sure to grab his attention. 5. Add a few finishing touches. No need to overdo on the makeup, but a little sparkle would gild the lily. Many lingerie stores and specialty shops offer shimmery body powder that's available in a variety of candy flavors?so you'll taste as sweet as you look. You can also add a dab or two of sultry perfume; in this case, maybe vanilla and or spicy cinnamon.

Once you've set the stage and transformed yourself into a sexy Ms. Claus, or luscious little elf, there's only one crucial step to go. Have fun. A little lighthearted playing around might just give you and your man some much-needed stress relief from the holiday hustle, and he'll be sure to appreciate your ingenuity.

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