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Online poker room reviews and information

An exciting high tech poker room to try your luck in is the Party Poker room. You can try your hand at a huge variety of games, including the standard Texas Hold'em, Omaha and 7-card stud, as well as live tournaments in all games. Party poker has a user-friendly website which is easy to download as well. The player interface is clear and runs easily.

It has features like player notes to keep tabs of your opponents and you can even see the average pot for the last 20 hands. But probably the most lucrative part of this online poker room is the Party Million Tournament. Started three years ago, this tournament now has prizes of over a million bucks and the finals take place on a cruise liner, where you can take a partner along.

This is a unique feature of Party poker. Party poker has an excellent customer support service. You can always seek help whether you are stuck at deposits, the software, withdrawals or any other problem, and their support staff will promptly answer your query by email or live chat on a 24*7 platform. Additionally the software is not a part of any network so it gets improved and updated very often to make gameplay more enjoyable. The tables are basic with classic green used for the baize and payer avatars are blocky.

Cards are well sized and it is wise to use the four-colour deck option. The player statistics are easily readable and you also get to add friends to the buddy list. Simultaneous playing at up to twelve tables is allowed in Party Poker.

Multi-table gaming is hassle-free and great audio and graphics alert you to make any required actions on any of the tables. At the lobby all menus are in tab- forms making it easier to navigate. The only gripe is that it does not show the flop percentage. Over 10,000 players can be found at the cash table and 60,000 at the tournament tables.

You can use Fire Pay, VISA, switch, wire transfer, cheques or money order. For withdrawals Party Poker will put your original deposit back into your credit card. Party poker is in fact the best place to start playing online poker because there is a general low standard of playing at the lower levels. With such poor standards of play you can emerge a winner very soon. Another very popular form of online poker is the Mansion Poker room.

During the years of its inception it used excellent software development and paid attention to the customer feel. They even had a daily tournament offering up to a hundred bucks. However this has now been replaced with a new tournament schedule which gives guaranteed returns. Customer service is amazing too, and there is prompt response to any query you post. 13 international phone numbers are made available as well as several email numbers for this. Also, you fax them or access the live chat option, making customer support extremely efficient.

Earlier traffic on this site was on the lower side, but that has changed recently with more games being available on each level. In September 2007 Mansion Poker shifted to Ongame, which is one of the largest poker networks available. But if you are not comfortable with Ongame you can access the software at Coral, Hollywood, Poker Room and the like. Perhaps one of the winning features of Mansion Poker is that they have not followed Ongame's trend to improve on showy graphics, and instead have focused on the game of online poker. Yet the animations are crisp and have minimum lag time.

You can access real time playing statistics as well as history to track your bad moves later. Another great feature is that once gameplay has begun it shows the percentage of chance of winning each player has at the table. Detailed tournament and session statistics are also available. Player notes allow you too see who slow-played you, and you and have six separate player icons.

Mansion poker has begun to have increased traffic after its shift to Ongame. The player base is high and can reach up to 7000 in peak times at the ring games and 40,000 at the tournaments. There is a bias towards limit/no limit Hold'em games but a substantial number of players also play pot-limit Omaha. The range of games runs from microlimits to no limits games.

Top rated Online Poker Reviews including Mansion Poker and Party Poker Review courtesy of yourpokerguide - author Jason Linux.


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