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Play for Fun Creative Games A Great Way to Relax

Play is a state of mind that is safe, curious, and there are at the moment. It is also a state of relaxation and body building emotional state and committed. Some say that play is a state of spiritual connection and profound joy. Play may be something that we do on our own or with others, but it is also something we can look at others do.

The game is often described as a time when we feel most alive, but we often take for granted and can completely forget. Play can be entirely positive, or have a negative impact. Mostly people think that play is unproductive and thus less than productive activity. Perhaps it is because we equate the sensation of playing happy feeling of joy that traditionally is regarded as less important than thought. Many of us have lists, home and the office, prioritizing tasks of the way they are productive. When we run out of time, we reduced the fun stuff and producing things because they may feel guilty or bad if we play hooky or goof off by playing a game of golf or chess, take a walk in the woods or Time for a reverie.

New brain research contradicts this cultural dismissal of play, emphasizing the importance of feelings and the need to feel safe and relaxed in order to think clearly and productively. Play teaches us to Manage and transform our negative emotions and experiences, it supercharges learning, and is a key factor of good mental and physical health. And, it may make work more enjoyable. How can play trigger the flow of state? Psychiatrist and author Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (pronounced "chicks me high) studied the game in Sydney, Australia and has described as a state of flux, which requires a balance of challenge and an opportunity.

If the game is too hard or too easy, it loses its sense of fun and amusement. Maintaining a state of flux in games with the other demands of all participants, whatever their age or ability, to feel challenged, but not overwhelmed. Csikszentmihalyi research has been undertaken and confirmed in several countries, and now reaches 250000 surveys. In the state of flux we believe: Why play an important part of our lives? Humans are, by nature, designed to play and have played throughout the evolution. Fun is an innate ability that is wired into our genetic code. Play is part of the way humans have adapted and survived all over the planet, from the tropics to the great deserts of the Arctic Circle.

We want to play because it is instinctive and fundamental to our existence, it is one of the mechanisms of evolution that has allowed us to Develop as a species. Play allows us to survive we connect to other human beings and of the sources of energy and enthusiasm within ourselves. Play is both a source of peace and relaxation, as well as a source of stimulation for the brain and body. Play will be important to our future. Some futurists have said that we have to be more inventive, creative and flexible to manage tasks, the flow and rhythm of life in this century and beyond.

A certain (and fun) way to develop these skills is to play with your children and grandchildren, your friends and officemates. Why is it important to play at work? When researchers follow pre-teens play attitudes towards children, they discovered that some children saying almost everything they have done, while others have called almost all the work they did. Reconnecting with children in late adolescence, children who have thought of everything to the game have been more productive and happier at school and are more socially content that people who saw anything that is working . Success at work does not depend on how much time you work. It depends on the quality of work, and quality of work depends on the level of welfare of workers.

The level of well-being depends heavily on how they bounce back often by the game in all its forms. Work is where we spend much of our time. That is why it is especially important for us to play at work. Without some recreation, our work suffers. Most of us have worked faster, harder and smarter, and the decreasing leisure time.

We first thought that working faster, stronger, more intelligent and will manage our workload has increased, but this is not the case. We have always been behind and becomes chronically overwhelmed. When the project on which you work hits a big mistake (as they often do), at the head of basketball with your colleagues hoops to draw some laughs and a few have done much more than to forget the problem. If basketball is not your cup of tea, a model airplane contests, storytelling, or kites in the parking lot will also allow your relationship to the problem of movement and you will deal in a new light. Play by intervening in the cycle of work keeps you healthy and functional during periods of stress; refreshes your mind and body; renewed hope; triggers creativity and energy increases.


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