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Playing the Piano Pitfalls to Avoid When Studying Piano for the First Time

For the 18+ years old adult, studying the piano for the first time in their life, I believe you should avoid three "pitfalls" to assure realistic progress. These pitfalls are unscrupulous online vendors, bogus review sites and well-intentioned piano instructors that don't have innate rhythmic coordination. They don't and can't play with feel! Too often, deceitful online merchants that offer 15+ "bundled" DVDs, guaranteeing the success of the piano aspirant, mesmerize adults seeking online piano instruction, through their storefront image. The problem with purchasing "zillions" of DVDs is that the adult student spends more time operating their DVD player as opposed to using that energy in the application of scales, arpeggios and harmonic studies.

If learning the piano was as easy as watching a DVD, everybody would play the piano well! Now understand, video references are helpful, BUT you don't need a video for each and every concept when clear and concise written instruction is sufficient. This is why I "pepper" my eBooks (electronic book) with short video clips, for additional clarification. 95% of all Play Piano Review Sites Are a JOKE! They're jokes because they are not owned by professional music educators or performers. Super Affiliates promote all types of sites: "How to Train Your Dog." "How to Play Golf.

" "How to Play Guitar. just to name a few. These SMART GUYS are professional marketers. They have "big pockets," as such, they spend thousands of dollars daily in Pay for Click Advertisements (PPC), hoping that someone will click on their consumer product ad! These are called "sponsored ads." Perhaps these ads are surrounding this article now! So please be intelligent in your research.

As my father use to tell me: "Believe none of what you read, and half of what you see!" But you can trust what you're reading here. I've been providing online piano instruction for well over 6 years, and I've seen online piano programs "come and go!" So be careful, watch out for the "Smart Guy" reviews. They're SMART business people that know how to sell product, but they don't have the expertise in music education to guide your study of piano credibly and effectively. Lastly, the most important pitfall to avoid is the selection of your piano teacher or online piano instruction program.

Read this very carefully. All adults (18+ years old) must be taught differently than a grade school-aged student. The teaching methods are different. Only an instructor that has the history of studying piano as a child, up to their adulthood, understands this fact. Can you imagine trying to learn to ride a bike at 18 years of age. trying to find the "sense of balance;" not to mention other inhibitions and fears associate to adulthood? Now imagine trying to rid yourself of those impediments along with inferior piano instruction.

Your chances of playing the piano and creating the music you desire, is almost in vain. You'll be frustrated and give up. IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT! You assumed the instructor would provide the needed learning tools and strategies to achieve your playing goals. Remember, everybody that teaches piano, can't play with feel - that's right! "They don't have rhythm!" Their sound is too VANILLA! Don't believe me. just visit: www. The Good News! Here's the truth. the study of piano is about RHYTHM! Just because someone is "degreed" in music, doesn't necessarily mean they can keep a beat! My students have achieved success. So it can be done with the proper instruction and students' desire to discipline themselves to adhere to a consistent practice routine that is in concert with their lifestyles! In summary, I am reminded of Duke Ellington's classic standard, "It Don't Mean a Thing, If it Ain't Got That Swing!" To your success, Ron Worthy.

Ron Worthy is a Music Educator, Songwriter and Performer. He provides online piano instruction. To learn more "tricks of the trade," you are invited to visit: and


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