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Private Jets The Airways

If you are chartering a private jet, it may be worthwhile knowing about where the aircraft is flying. Gone are the days when pilots flew by "the seat of their pants" meaning they flew the airplanes just like we drive automobiles on roads. In other words, they flew so low that they could see the earth below and the various landmarks to navigate to their destination. Pilots of Jet aircraft fly so high that they can hardly see the land below.

All the navigation is done by instruments only. Airways are just like the Highways. Aviation authorities have mapped out the airways in the sky just like the road maps of the highway system we are familiar with.

Airspace Airspace starts at 1,200 feet above ground level and extends up to 18,000 feet above mean sea level. (The starting point is ground level because there are locations which are already elevated; some locations are 10,000 feet above sea level) This airspace is meant for use by smaller piston engined aircraft and turboprop aircraft covering short distances. The space between 18,000 feet and 60,000 feet is known as Jetways or Jet routes and is for use by jet aircraft small and large, covering medium to long distances. Like our roads, most of the airways and Jetways are two-way, and pilots who fly the Jetways use their instruments like compass, radar, direction finder and two-way radio to navigate. If the pilot knows the latitude and longitude of his location, he can find the exact spot on a map and since the latitude and longitude of the destination is already known, it is easy to find the way with appropriate instruments.

The airways and Jetways are 8 miles wide, drawn with imaginary lines in the sky. Use of Airspace All this airspace is divided into seven segments, A to G starting from the top, and the segment A is restrictive whereas segment G being the lowest, is least restrictive. Each segment has its own level of minimum pilot qualification and experience, aircraft equipment, all of which is governed and controlled by Air Traffic Controllers or ATCs which are located in every airport. They know how many airplanes are in the sky at a given moment. They talk to the pilots in their airspace and give them proper directions to land or takeoff, as otherwise there would be lot confusion and accidents.

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