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Remember Space Invaders and PacMan Rekindle your classic Arcade Game days

Not as much as you might think has changed in the arcade world. Sure, you have endless memory now with state of the art graphics and teams of highly motivated geeks designing games and strategies around the clock and a fine job they do. But there is nothing to compare with the innocent arcade fun one can have with the classic arcade games. Modern games can be daunting and most people simply don't have the time to hone their skill to a new environment and strategy. Arcade games, on the other hand are small, compact, easy to learn (you have probably learned lots of games already!) and challenging.

While on, I was able to load and play any number of arcade games - a dangerous thing indeed for I found I was losing myself in this highly addictive, but enjoyable activity. In all, It was a nostalgic experience. Remember Space invaders? Launched in 1978 by the Taito Corporation, and has been the benchmark of classic games of the time. As more of the wave of invaders are shot, the remaining aliens would speed up and drop down increasing the tempo of everything in the game. Programming of Space Invaders was quirky in the old days.

As the coders did not implement random numbers, the score given when a spaceship was hit was a function of the number of shots during a wave. The maximum score of 300 was given when a user hit the first flying saucer with the 23rd shot. The full 300 points was awarded for destroying the spaceship with every 15th shot after that. I was 10 when space invaders first came out and I remember well the excitement generated, the queues to play, the making of local legends who could beat the system with skill and endless coins.

The PacMan arcade game was another favourite, with Shadow, Speedy, Bashful and Pokey gobbling up the dots at a ferocious rate. Developed by Namco in 1980, it became immensely popular around the world and even inspired a very successful single. This game, like Space Invaders, had a deterministic nature which allowed the determined user to learn a sequence of moves that would guide PacMan safely through the maze, level after level without being caught. When playing this on, I found that I had not lost the knack and completed 3 rounds on the first go! It's amazing how you can recall such intimate knowledge and strategy from a distant period. So, why not rekindle some of the old classic arcade games and see if you still have what it takes to beat the space invaders or evade the ghosts in Pacman.

You'd be surprised how enjoyable the old games still are.

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