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Satellite TV On Your PC

This isn't a new thing but its pretty cool nonetheless. Watching TV on your PC is an idea that simply got better with technological advances. You could watch legacy TV with the right hardware video card but now you can also watch satellite TV with the right software.

No hardware changes are necessary now. All you need is a decent PC with a broadband internet connection and away you go into the land of thousands of channels via satellite. For you people who are still using dialup connections, I wouldn't recommend that you purchase software until you upgrade. You can try and use dialup but it'll be much better if you use broadband. You are actually watching TV using the internet so faster is always better. Watching satellite tv is a lot like listening to satellite radio through a media player which is also an option or you if you want to do this.

Only now, its video and sound coming through your PC. The quality of picture is pretty good too. Its not as clear as watching DVDs but its clarity is good, nevertheless, and always getting better. Some of you video savvy users may be able to get better quality out of your PCs.

A lot of PC users are watching hundreds of channels for free using PC satellite software. Thats what made me curious about it. I like gadgets like this. There aren't any monthly fees involved but you do have to buy the software.

There are a lot of channels you can get. You get: Sports, News, Movies, Music, Weather, Kids Channels, Educational, Shopping, satellite Radio Stations. anywhere in the world. You wont be able to watch them all or will take a lot of time to get through all of the channels. So there's plenty of variety. Don't expect big name channels like MTV and the like, though you will find channels exactly like it.

You will come across some interesting channels that you cant find on cable or Dish Network, etc. It is available in different languages as well, even though this is only useful if you happen to speak and prefer a different language to watch your channels with. Your install the software on your PC or laptop and that turns it into satellite TV receiver with 1000s of channels. You can use your video card hardware to watch it on your regular television too if you have a TV output connection on it. This software isn't particularly expensive but, like anything else, you do get what you pay for and some are much better than others. There is cheaper software that runs from like $30-$50 but I like the Titanium Edition of Satellite TV for PC software which has over 4000 channels for $99.

95. It's much better than your local cable bill which costs you that much on a monthly basis. You buy this software once and enjoy over and over.

This particular software comes out with bigger and better packages as well, so you're not stuck having the same old software for years on end if you choose to upgrade. It's really very interesting software, fun, and entertaining. I recommend trying it out at least, for sure!.

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