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Seventy two Austrian athletes to participate in Beijing

VIENNA, July 21 (Xinhua) -- The Austrian Olympic Committee (OeOC) released Monday in Vienna the final name list of 72 athletes for the Olympic Games 2008. The athletes would take part in 16 sports, including sailing which held in Qingdao and horse sport in Hong Kong. Among those athletes, there are 32 women and 40 men. Heinz Jungwirth, General Secretary of the OeOC, told the local media Tuesday that he hoped for 3 medals during this 16-day-long Games. OeOC President Leo Wallner however said: "You could not hear any (medal) numbers from me." This athlete delegation would also be the smallest one since Montreal 1976.

Following are the final name list. Fencing (1): Roland Schlosser Judo (3): Ludwig Paischer, Sabrina Filzmoser, Claudia Heill Canoe/Shallow water (2): Yvonne Schuring, Viktoria Schwarz Canoe/White water (2): Violetta Oblinger-Peters, Helmut Oblinger Track and field (3): Eva-Maria Gradwohl, Gerhard Mayer, Guenther Weidlinger Equestrian/dressage (1): Victoria Max-Theurer Equestrian/versatileness (1): Harald Ambros Cycling/street (4): Christian Pfannberger, Thomas Rohregger, Christiane Soeder, Monika Schachl Cycling/Mountain bike (2): Christoph Soukup, Elisabeth Osl Shooting (3): Mario Knoegler, Thomas Farnik, Christian Planer Swimming (12): Mirna Jukic, Birgit Koschischek, Joerdis Steinegger, Nina Dittrich, Markus Rogan, Dinko Jukic, Dominik Koll,Hunor Mate, Maxim Podoprigora, Sebastian Stoss, David Brandl, Florian Janistyn Swimming/diving (3): Anja Richter, Veronika Kratochwil, Constantin Blaha Swimming/synchronized swimming (2): Lisbeth Mahn, Nadine Brandl Sailing (11): Roman Hagara, Hans Peter Steinacher, Nico Delle-Karth, Niko Resch, Hans Spitzauer, Christian Nehammer, Andreas Geritzer, Sylvia Vogl, Carolina Flatscher, Matthias Schmid, Florian Reichstaedter Tennis (3): Sybille Bammer, Julian Knowle, Jurgen Melzer Table tennis (6 plus 1 substitute athlete): Werner Schlager, Chen Weixing, Robert Gardos, Liu Jia, Li Qiangbing, Veronika Heine. Substitute: Daniel Habesohn Triathlon (4): Kate Allen, Eva Dollinger, Tania Haiboeck, Simon Agoston Gymnastics/ eurhythmics (1): Caroline Weber Volleyball/Beach Volleyball (8): Clemens Doppler, Peter Gartmayer,Florian Gosch, Alexander Horst, Doris Schwaiger, Stefanie Schwaiger, Sara Montagnolli, Sabine Swoboda.

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