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Simple Techniques That Will Shave Strokes Off Your Game And Improve Your Golf Swing

As an amateur golfer you'll get plenty of advice on improving your golf swing; some of it good and some of it not so good. It never fails to amaze me the number of times a golfer will seek advice on a particular area but not practice the new technique. Practice is the key to improving your golf swing.

Let's explore some areas of your game that could need some tuning up. The Thumb Theory Maintaining a correct grip on the club during the back swing is vital. It's not just the initial grip on the club that's important; keeping your thumb pointing towards the heavens at the half way mark of the swing is essential. Imagine this in your mind before playing the shot and memorize it. As the club comes back at the midway point of the swing, the thumb, which initially points towards the ground, should be pointing towards the sky before you come down and follow through with the swing.

Easy Does It! Never be in a rush when playing your shot. Improving your golf swing is all about controlling the movement of the club. Sure you can hit the ball with plenty of power but this doesn't mean you need to swing as hard and fast as you can.

Getting the rhythm right takes a little practice and an effective method for keeping this rhythm in check is to pause slightly at the completion of the upswing before completing the downswing motion. Many golfers will actually do a short count in their minds for no more than a second. This method has the effect of tempering the urge to swing to quickly.

Getting The Rhythm Right Completing a smooth swing comes naturally to some golfers but for most of us, practicing is the only way we can get this part of the game right. Have you ever felt off balance when going through with the swing motion. I know I have.

The left knee leans towards the right, the shoulders seem to be out of alignment and the hip sways in an unnatural fashion. What do you do to correct it? Golf can produce some unconventional remedies for bad posture and one method taught to me was to place a large ball in between the knees during my back swing practice. It looked ungainly but it got the desired result I was after! Respect Your Golf Club The golf club is an amazing piece of equipment. The thought and planning that goes into producing a club, whether an iron or a driver, is quite staggering.

What many golfers fail to realise is that clubs are designed a particular way for a reason. Letting the club do what it was designed for is just so important. Basically all you need to do is provide the club with the correct swinging procedure and it will do the rest. I know it sounds easier said than done but one thing to stress is "don't try and re-invent the wheel." Become one with the club and you should see a steady improvent in your game. Improving your golf swing is about practicing the correct technique.

Not just once or twice and forget it but until you have it committed to natural memory so it becomes simple instinct every time you step out to the tee.

Dean Caporella is a professional broadcaster. Shave strokes off your game with tips on improving your golf swing plus the latest news and reviews in golf techniques at:


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