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Stylish Man Adidas Basketball Shoes

The man Adidas basketball shoes are quite a rage both on and off the court. On court, they give the players an extra bounce and protection. Off court, they are a fashion symbol.

Adidas too realizes the value of its basketball shoes and continues to come up with innovative models. Currently, Adidas uses two different technologies to make the shoes. The first is the Torsion technology. This technology allows the forefoot and heel to move independently, and also provide lightweight support to midfoot.

Shoes made with a3 system technology use special cushioning that absorbs the shock of landing. They also provide increased stability. This technology has been used to make the a3 Superstar Structure series, which is priced at $100 a pair. According to Adidas, a3 puts more pop in every step.

They promote this shoe on their site saying, "The unstoppable performance of its full-length a3 midsole gives all players the ability to break the game open from anywhere on the court." The other notable features of these men's shoes are an adiPRENE plus insert in the forefoot that maintains propulsion and efficiency, molded EVA midsole that provides lightweight cushioning and a non-marking rubber outsole. Adidas also makes an elite range of a3 Pro Team shoes that cost $ 80.

These shoes, according to Adidas, offer superior cushioning and motion control thanks to their a3 heel unit. They also use the Torsion technology for flexible, adaptable midfoot integrity. The smartest of Adidas men's shoes are the T-MAC 5, which cost $125. These shoes have a supportive strap and real hardwood in the heel and forefoot. Adidas is so proud of these shoes that it calls these kicks "as anything but expected".

These shoes have GeoFIT pods for comfort, lightweight, synthetic leather upper with anatomical fit, die-cut EVA midsole for lightweight comfort and TPU heel chassis for stability. Adidas also sells a Superstar series. These are versatile basketball shoes that can be used both on the court and in the streets. The popular Superstar series models include Superstar 2G, Superstar 2G Perf, Superstar 2G Steel and Superstar 2G Ultra.

All these shoes cost $70. Each of these shoes has its unique selling proposition. The Superstar 2G has a high-traction outsole and excellent midfoot support, the Superstar 2G Perf has a midfoot cushioning that allows natural rotation between the rear foot and forefoot, the Superstar 2G Steel has lightweight cushioning that gives players speed while Superstar 2G Ultra has a clean, ultra-modern look and board-crashing performance. Two other Adidas men's shoes are Supercush, priced at $60, and BTB Low that costs $55. All these shoes provide a range of possibilities to basketball players.

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