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Ted Nugents Live and let live except for the voiceless

Ted Nugent ? yeah, that Ted Nugent ? recently wrote an article blasting Paul McCartney for allegedly firing some of his staff for eating meat. Now, I'm not so sure that this is true, but let's go with it. Let us say that Paul McCartney did, in fact, fire some people for eating meat.

OMG! I suppose Ted Nugent can't sing anymore, so he's looking to create drama anywhere he can. Kinda like looking for love in all the wrong places. Beginning with the first paragraph of his article, Ted refers to vegans as "weirdos" and then reiterates that theme throughout, even calling Paul McCartney an "animal rights maniac.

" Yet, in the seventh paragraph of his dim-witted rant, he goes on to clearly state that no meat eater "has any desire whatsoever to influence any vegetarian's choice of diet or to force them to eat meat. We are the friendly, tolerant Americans." When you stop laughing at Ted's lack of functioning brain cells (probably from animal fat-clogged cerebral arteries), you'll realize the dysfunctional thought process that he, and many like him, manage to embrace throughout their lives.

They are friendly and tolerant people who preface their discussions about vegetarians and vegans by calling them "weirdos" and "maniacs." In reality, it's not the vegetarians who will be influenced by Ted's dysfunction; rather it's the people who also have animal-fat clogging their brains. It was Benjamin Franklin who said, "My refusing to eat flesh occasioned an inconveniency, and I was frequently chided for my singularity, but, with this lighter repast, I made the greater progress, for greater clearness of head and quicker comprehension." Let's be thankful it wasn't Ted Nugent who helped frame the United States Constitution. Unfortunately, however, it is people like Ted Nugent who interpret it. Millions of meat eaters say they love animals, and really believe it, while eating flesh.

Millions of Americans believe in God, yet conveniently overlook the fact that God's earliest mandate to us ? on page one of the Bible ? was to eat plants. Meatism, the lifestyle of brutality and oppression, is branded by Ted and his sociopathic friends as "The American Way." They talk about freedom, yet deny it to billions of living, thinking and feeling animals.

They spend their lives hiding from truth, surrounded by confusion, while telling everyone they come in contact with that only one end of the boat is sinking. Then, on top of it all, they label their fantasy "truth." The truth is, I am a vegan who is forced to live in a brutal world of systematic murder. Meatism is the single largest cause of environmental problems (not to mention health, societal and spiritual problems).

I have to see it, hear it, smell it and touch it. And if I try to have some semblance of tranquility by sometimes surrounding myself with like-minded people, Ted finds that highly objectionable. What if the meat-eater that Paul McCartney supposedly fired wanted to eat a piece of an animal in the company lunch room? Is Paul not free to create a cruelty-free environment (even though it is just a microcosm) for himself and others like him? The fact is, Meatism is causing all of our problems, whereas a vegan diet can solve them. Denial, however, is the meat-eater's manifesto, and Ted Nugent has a large copy taped to his mirror square in his line of sight so that he can't look at himself too closely.

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