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The Art of Sports Betting

Football Pools and Squares The sports like football and basketball are not only fun to watch and cheer for your home team, but you can also up the ante by being part of a betting circle either in the online gambling arena or for fun like at an office, where you can make up leagues for fantasy football or have an office football pool. The bets for football or basketball in a fun game are made according to squares. A football grid is created and you can get printable football squares on the internet as well. This is really easy and fun for family and friends to do at home and will also serve to include the younger members of the family. Someone will need to be in charge of the football gambling and everyone can put something into the football pool, which can be sweets or chocolates, money, favors, or other gifts.

What you will do then is fill out all the names of the people that are betting onto the grid until it is full. Along the outside you will fill in numbers and then the football team names. At the end of each quarter or game (however you choose to play) the person who's name matches the number that is on the scoreboard wins the pot.

You can also get basketball betting squares to do the same thing with in your basketball pool. Another great way to enjoy the sports that you love is to plan a fantasy football league that will meet at every game along with other leagues. The leagues act as owners and you can buy football teams or basketball team and their players for the season. According to your own rules you will keep tabs of your successes (any statistics that you choose can be betted). This is a more realistic way of betting or creating a football pool or football gambling, but that is still fun and social in nature. The way this form of gambling works is that the members of the league will group together and purchase via an auction one of the major basketball or football teams for the season.

They act as the owners and will give players rankings and make predictions on certain scores and games. At the end of the season, the leagues are assessed and the betting is finalized with a winner who collects the football pot. These are just some of the games that you can use for football gambling and basketball gambling, but there are many online gambling places were you can bet real money on games and players. Sometime you can choose to bet on a team to win the match, or you can also win money from predicting the final score, and various other formats. You can learn all about the techniques and get great tips from these sites and you can also find magazines subscriptions can be really useful when you want to learn more about sports betting, football pools, basketball pools and the like.

Eustathios Edel is author of this article on printable football squares. Find more information about office football pool here.


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