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The Jet Setters The Ways of the Whacky Rich

What would you give away to know the behavior patterns of the jet setter the people who own their own private aircraft. The kind of shopping they do and where. The kind of money they must be spending across products and services basket. How do they plan their money? Maybe that would give you some inspiration as to how to spend your money or plan your finances accordingly.

The bad news is that these guys are chronic spenders and if you replicated them in their spending habits, you would soon be wiped out from the face of this earth. So who are they? What drives them? What do they spend their money on? Why do they spend the way they do? - Private jet owners are usually in their 50s and 72% of them are men. - They have an average income of about 9.2 Million USD and a net worth of about 90 Million USD.

- Here is a break up of the kind of money a jet setter spends per year, on a certain things like those mentioned below. Alcohol - 30000 USD Watches - 145000 USD Experimental or impulsive travel - 157000 USD Hotels & resorts - 225000 USD Spas - 105000 USD Clothes - 117000 USD Jewelry - 228000 USD Cars - 226000 USD Boats or Yacht Rentals - 400000 USD Homes and residences - 542000 USD Art - Over a Million That's almost as if they never existed. These are the poster boys for the banks. Now, though the study that was conducted to arrive at those results could have excluded a lot more people who still use private jets. Most companies own their own jets and they shuttle their executives around.

Executives, per se, may not be the rich boys we are talking about here. There are also some jets that are fractionally owned that again rules out most of the jets flying about in the air. The rich, however, indulge themselves everywhere, even when air borne.

Their ways have always awed most others and they are usually the trendsetters when it comes to lifestyles and getting oneself pampered to a fault. Spending a million or two on a nice little customized jet can be an indulgence which has proven to be quite an obsession with the rich. It's an often repeated remark the rich are pathetic when it comes to their finances. They really need help with it.

Jason Uvios writes about "The Jet Setters: The Ways of the Whacky Rich" to visit : customized private jets, jet airplane parts and private jets.


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