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The PSP Revolution Is Taking Over

The Sony PSP or Sony PlayStation Portable is a top rate gadget for gamers or someone interested in a handheld computer. The PSP has a full range of Sony PlayStation games available, as well as some special features such as GPS and wireless internet browsing capabilities. So, in a realm between mobile technology and gaming, you can have a diverse hand held gadget that is top of the line. Few gamers are likely to be able to afford the thousands of dollars for the PSP GPS system, but for specialists looking for an advanced GPS platform from Sony, this is a top bet over other GPS systems with all the extra functions. The PSP compares and does not compare to a laptop.

It stakes out a new territory that is somewhere near a tablet pc, but without a Windows operating system. So it is doubtful you'll be able to run your pc programs on the PSP. But for playstation games, entertainment, DVDs, CDs, Mp3s, and internet in one unique package, it is an interesting toy. The PSP has a memory stick memory system, so you can load up on MP3s from your computer or transfer software and games that way. There is a wireless networking capability for internet access but the browser will not display all pages correctly. Some third party developers have been able to get into the dynamics of the PSP operating system enough to create some official and unofficial software for the platform.

These, especially the hack or homebrews, can expand the PSP system functionality considerably, and there are a lot of great features that the PSP has to draw upon. The introductory cost is reasonable, and even better if you can find one cheap on auction. For those who use RSS for podcast subscriptions to their ipod, the PSP offers a similar functionality.

The lcd screen on the PSP is of excellent quality from Sony, making the PSP an over all extremely well engineered piece of consumer technology. How the operating system expands and the third party software develops for this platform will be continued to be watched and analyzed by an active user community.

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