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It's never too early to talk a little football especially when the subject matter is which teams to bet on in the 07/08 NFL season, which promises as many surprises and no-hope underdogs covering the spread as always. League parity is a beautiful thing unless you're new to the complex world of NFL handicapping. Fortunately there are free NFL picks available from some of the leading football experts in the nation all at one website, So what are the trendy NFL picks for the upcoming season? A lot of pundits are selecting the Arizona Cardinals as a "sleeper" team, this for seemingly the tenth season in a row and they're yet to deliver once.

The truth of the matter is that they play in a very tough division this year and they look like the weakest team of the bunch - in their own division! You don't need to be a sports picks guru to realize that they're going nowhere fast once again. In the NFC West the team to beat is Seattle, and even though they're not at Super Bowl strength these days they should still finish above .500. Want a useful nfl pick for betting against the spread? Try taking the 49ers this season; they're the team that is truly improving out West.

The Rams will also finish above the Cardinals, for what it's worth, because that Arizona defense isn't stopping anyone. The best team in the NFC though should be the New Orleans Saints, with a decline predicted for the Bears even though they will still win their Division (the weakest in the NFL yet again). What other teams besides San Francisco look good? Well, the Eagles could be poised for a bounce-back year provided their coach, QB, and running back - all stars on their best day - can get their heads collectively back in the game. The teams that will win the most games, however, are in the AFC as usual.

The Patriots will be formidable as will their division rivals the Jets, provided they keep their QB healthy. The Colts are still a scoring powerhouse and we expect the Broncos to be the new team to beat in the AFC West. The Chargers will struggle with Norv Turner, because all his teams struggle, and the smart betting strategy is to go against this team when they're on the road. Our wildcard sleeper picks are the Cowboys in the NFC, who will be ruthless on defense thanks to their new head coach, and the Bengals in the AFC, provided they don't all get arrested before the season starts.

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