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Uk Online Poker Reviews

Are you getting the best deals from your online poker room? Read our page to find the best possible information on online poker games. Our online poker reviews have the latest information on every aspect of online poker rooms including software features, player statistics, playability, support and bonus options. Our detailed reviews will make you choose a game depending on your skill, bank balance and location.

For example, Full Tilt poker is one of the most popular games of online poker. Until recently this site was meant mainly for the US players, but now it has extended to players all over Europe, and yes, in UK too. Full Tilt poker makes sure it picks the best players to form Team Full Tilt to represent the company in offline poker games. Plus, Full Tilt poker offers Bonus Code offers.

If you are at the tables, Full Tilt poker has a range of limits for every level. No limit games can begin at a lower rake and run into a thousand. The other games also have competitive rakes but the limit is usually set for these games. Seasoned poker players are increasingly choosing Full Tilt poker over other games of online poker.

With a lucky hand you may play against some of the most renowned players in the world of online poker. More than ten thousand players try their luck every day, and on peak hours the numbers can go up to 40,000 on less than ten thousand tables. More the number of players, more are the number of styles and limits of games played on the site. At peak hours you may have to wait a bit to get to the tables but there are a number of tables to play on so the waiting time is rather low. Full Tilt poker offers a software package that can be customized to suit your taste. You can choose the background, your avatar and colour options.

You can even resize the screen if you want to. And if you are a Mac user, Full Tilt poker comes with a Mac option too. There is also an option called "Pro Chat" where you can discuss strategy or previous bad moves with professionals in the game.

Full Tilt poker attracts over ten thousand visitors on an average day. Hence it is important that the software should be strong enough to support this load. The software platform used by Full Tilt poker is just that; it has a short log in time, and the graphics remain crisp. Lag time is also short.

Open SSL Project developed the software and it uses leading 256-bit cryptography which ensures all players get to play fair and equal games. A number of added features give Full Tilt poker its popularity. For example you can collect Full Tilt points for amazing gifts, entry to the freeroll tournaments and to keep a track of your bonus account. Hand History allows you to check back the last 50 hands you played in orr to sharpen your game for later. You can also access the Notes feature very easily and it can turn out to be a very helpful feature for most players. The Statistics feature is available in an easy and detailed percentage format.

You can even use the Find A Player option to play with your friends or choose an opponent. Plus, you can choose from the Racetrack and Classic options in the Table View option. If you have a problem during or after the game, Full Tilt poker offers many support email options where all queries are answered promptly and with total accuracy.

You can also sift through the troubleshooting and FAQ options. If Full Tilt poker is not your game then move on to William Hill poker. It has grown very popular among UK players since its launch in 2003. It is an excellent poker room with very crisp animation and fantastic gameplay. Especially the promotions in William Hill poker are peerless in UK online poker gaming.

You are paid a rather high amount to only try out their game, so this is an opportunity you would not want to miss. Support in William Hill poker is great too. You get round-the-clock email support and telephone support in addition to online help pages to guide you in case of any problem. As for the games you can play at William Hill Poker, choose from Texas Hold 'em, Omaha High, 7-card stud and table tournaments, or try all. There is also a free play mode, and you can avail of a progressive Bad Beat bonus as well as Paid to Play New Player Bonus.

Even in terms of software William Hill offers a world of good to its players. The player base is very high and there are often huge volumes of players at the tables.

Full Title Poker and William HIll Poker listed and reviewed by Online Poker Reviews courtesy of Jason Linux, author.


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