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Webkinz Charms Trading Cards and More

Webkinz Charms have been a hot item for a long time. In fact they continue to be one of the best selling items in the toy market. In the beginning 24 Charms were released but that begs the question: Are anymore Webkinz Charms going to come out on the market? The answer would be, probably. As with all other Webkinz products, Ganz produces a second series or add ons to the current series for their fans. The original 24 Webkinz Charms are still in popular demand and they show no sign of slowing down at all. The reason they are still highly purchased items is because the way they tie in to Webkinz.

Each Webkinz Charm comes with a secret code that unlocks a secret in the Webkinz game. This has made them a very valuable and important item to those who play. It seems that nearly everyone who does play, will end up with at least one of the much sought after Webkinz Charms. They are very inexpensive items which makes owning one even easier. Coming off the popularity of the first series of Webkinz Trading Cards, series 2 is on the way.

The first series was hot and demanded nearly three hundred dollars a box for awhile. This was due to the fact that supply could not meet demand and the hype that surrounded the importance of owning the popular trading cards. Before the actual release date, merchants everywhere, including eBay pushed the prices as high as possible. Many parents were pulling out their credit cards and shelling out big bucks, most buying more than one box at a time. This year's Webkinz Trading Cards Series 2 may vary slightly.

Ganz, aware of the shortage issue last year has realized that had they met demand early on many people would not have lost interest and purchased earlier. This would have made last years batch even hotter in the industry, for Ganz. However, the consumer would have benefited as well by not paying such high prices in the beginning.

Many more products will be coming out of the Webkinz camp this year. Like Webkinz Charms and Series 2 Trading Cards, normally expect them to be a hot commodity every season. Popularity continues to climb no just for Webkinz but all the additional products that are created. Over the next few years, the products impact on the toy industry may falter but will not decrease to the same effect that Beanie Babies did many years back.

Consequently, you can expect additional series of Webkinz Trading Cards and Webkinz Charms in the next coming years.

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