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Which Is Value For Money Cable Television Versus Satellite Television

Cable and satellite TV ? which is value for money and a better deal for consumers out there? Such common question has been asked many times in homes around the world. For a long time now, though this has absolutely no repercussions or impact on world politics or economics, it is a big issue which has gotten many families perplexed and confused about what to choose between cable and satellite TV. This is not surprising since many Americans spend hours watching satellite and/or cable TV.

I suspect that while there are some staggering figures showing how much Americans spend before the TV screen, other countries like Canada and UK too are facing the same situation. There has to be some kind of an answer to which you should choose between cable and satellite TV services. It is a fair and level playing field in today's market for cable and satellite TV services.

Perhaps as a consumer, you really have so many choices that it can be challenging to make a wise decision. It does not matter here as long as you know more about what are the things you should look out for when shopping for one among the cable and satellite TV services. 1. Pricing Of Service Make a good guess which provider among cable and satellite TV services has a higher operating cost. We can skip this part and give you the truth straightaway.

Cable companies pay much more in terms of taxes to the government and have a higher operating and infrastructural cost because of the cables they run. Naturally, with higher cost to run their businesses, the cost of TV services is more than what satellite TV companies charge you. Probably at least 30 ? 40 percent higher for the same number of TV channels. 2. Program Selection In terms of programs wise for cable and satellite TV, satellite TV programs cover the west and east coasts including other sports channels such as Fox Sports, ESPN and others. Some even cater for international TV feeds to reach a wider audience.

Cable has an advantage in some ways such as providing greater coverage in the area of local TV programs. 3. Equipment Required The issue of equipment is a sore thumb for satellite TV services. Cable and satellite TV services simply do not compete on equal grounds here. Cable TV does not require additional equipment and is pretty much plug-and-play style. Satellite TV on the other hand requires equipment such as remote, satellite dish, converter box, mount and other stuff to get it running and ready to receive TV feeds.

4. Availability Of Service Cable and satellite TV both have their fair share of woes in this aspect. Since cable TV depends on cabling, it also means that some places simply cannot be reached due to terrain constraints. Another factor of course is the regulations governing the provision of cables in different states. Satellite TV does not have this issue and can cover the entire southern sky. The only trouble satellite TV users have is that they can face difficulties in urban zones where there are obstructions in the form of skyscrapers and other tall buildings.

5. High Definition (HDTV), Digital Video Recorder and Digital Cable and satellite TV services are on par in the aspect of digital, high definition (HD) and digital video recorders. The main difference is satellite TV companies may charge you one-time for the digital video recorder and high definition box when you purchase a package from them. My advice is to avoid those that charge monthly as the bills do add up and it becomes less cost-efficient in the long run. These are some of the factors you really need to consider when subscribing for cable and satellite TV services.

The truth is, the TV landscape has changed with the emergence of a new technology that allows you to watch satellite TV on your computer. Find out more about PC satellite TV from the resource box, you wouldn't regret you did. Andrew is a great fan of TV shows. Sign up for his Satellite TV for instant quick tips on how you can watch satellite TV on PC, tuning into thousands of LIVE world channels of sports, news, movies, music and kids program without expensive monthly subscriptions.


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